Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Presbytery 2010

Our family trip to Illinois proved most eventful.

Our hotel's idea of providing breakfast for the guests was just a jug of milk and two containers of bagels. I am not kidding: there was enough food for maybe ten. But there was a pool, which redeemed it for the boys.

The main occurrence of the week was the death of our faithful van. The cost to fix it would have been too great, so we gave it away for free and ended up driving a rental van home. Our van, the newest vehicle we have ever owned, was a 1999. The rental van was 2010.

We also all got colds at presbytery, so I am at this very moment drinking fenugreek tea. Nasty stuff, but worth it. There would be more to share, but my head still isn't working right. Maybe later..


Tobias Davis said...

I hadn't heard the sad news about the van. Losing the van is most unfortunate!

I wonder if my cold came from Presbytery as well? I may have some fenugreek, I'll try the tea. Thanks for the tip!

The Marchioness said...

I bet it did come from Presbytery- there were quite a few people there passing it around. I think it takes about three cups of fenugreek to really loosen you up. Take cayenne tincture too!

Kathryn Grace said...

It was nice meeting you, Emily! You did a great job calling the dances - we always have difficulty managing a large group of dancers but you seemed to do it without a problem. :-)
My mom and I got colds too... must have been floating around!
Thanks for your help in the kitchen too on Saturday - we appreciated it!