Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Recital 2010

Jen's recital is over. Whew.

Rehearsal was really more stressful than the actual performance, though, at least for Jen. I mostly sat in the room watching the girls. Due to mis-communication by the church, all 39 students and whatever moms wanted to stay were crammed into one small and not very well aired room for five hours while awaiting their turn on the stage. Nothing really stands out to me about that day other than, it was really tiring even though I wasn't the one doing the work! And it did go as smoothly as it possibly could. I felt sorry for one of the dance moms- nine months pregnant, and she could hardly walk. She actually went into labor the next day and couldn't attend the recital.

Recital went well, and we estimated there were around 300 people in the audience. Jen was given three dozen roses and a bouquet of lilies by her students, and then we went out for dinner, which was really weird to do at 10pm, but we were all terribly hungry because none of us got to eat dinner. Then we went home and crashed.

Ahh, well. You know what I say every year after recital? Next year, at the Holland....

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