Thursday, June 10, 2010

It doesn't get any cheaper

Every spring a nearby town has town-wide garage sales- always a great way to find a bargain. This year one of the churches was selling all clothing items for a nickel each. There's no way you can get the same amount of material for so little, so instead of looking at the actual garment, I looked for material I liked. I found a LARGE pair of pale blue pants, 100 percent linen. Linen is really expensive, but it's the best for historical reenacting. I'm sure I can get good use out of those XL pants! I also found two stretch shirts is really pretty colors, also XL. Yesterday I finally got around to making-over one of them to fit.

Here you can see the size of the nickel shirt compared to one of my T-shirts.

I simply cut around my shirt, keeping the hem and neckline,
but creating new shoulder and side seams.

I cut the sleeves smaller...

And here's my new T-shirt, which I bought for a nickel,
cut up and re-assembled with very little trouble.

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Anna Naomi said...

Your shirt turned out really pretty! Isn't it fun to alter cheap clothes? You can't beat the material prices. I've never done anything that drastic though, but you've given me inspiration!