Sunday, August 15, 2010

How Beautiful are the Feet...

(I wrote this last week and am finally somewhere where I am able to post it)

...of those who bring good news, but since we're all still sick I guess I don't really have any good news. Now I know why people die of influenza. Now I understand why the influenza outbreaks were so dreaded: I guess one plus to this is that I can now better understand that part of history. After twelve days of a fever, Mom to the clinic and they immediately hospitalized her for pneumonia. Dad is well enough to go back to work now, and the rest of us are all in various stages of coughing and weakness. This will be a three-week illness, at least.
I bought some new sandals last week, before we were taken ill, and they are unlike anything I have ever bought before. I really needed some nice sandals to wear to church, and so I broke down and spent $8 at Goodwill(I generally set my price limit for shoes at $3, so understand how painful this was for me). I could have bought some of those fancied-up flip-flops, which Mom with her lingering 1970's vocabulary calls "thongs", to Jen's everlasting embarrassment; but deep in my soul there is a moral standard for church wear, and it will not permit flip-flops. So I bought these:
I have long resisted wearing heels. Maybe it's because I(along with 95% of all home-schooled girls) read the Elsie Dinsmore series in my youth, where one character fell down the stairs because of her heels and was permanently crippled; but I prefer to think it is because of my own common sense and practical nature. I don't want anyone to think I am at all endorsing heels: heels are dangerous and kids, do not try this at home. You may end up permanently crippled. I pray I will not.

Anyway, I had a short time to make a decision and Goodwill had a limited selection, I rarely get to town to go shopping and these happened to be in my size, so I bought them. There was a point yesterday when a few of us had hopes to get out and go to church, so I specially prepared my feet with a chocolate-scented sugar scrub because goodness, my feet SHOW in those things! The pedicure companies and the sandal companies must be in league. We ended up being still to tired to attend church, so if it were not for this post I would have sugared feet for nothing. Feel honored I am sharing with you.

On a different note, we just watched the new "Star Trek" movie, and action scenes aside it made me laugh, which was refreshing after living like the undead for a week, but do you know how hard it is to laugh when you have a cough? It's hard. I have to admit the movie made me a bit queasy during all the spinning through space scenes- but "Up" does the same thing; I can't stand the thought of people floating in space.

This post may seem a little wordy or unusually flippant; please don't take it badly; after two weeks of confinement the (hopefully humorous)sarcasm is flowing free.

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