Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Evolution of the TROUSERS

This has been my first year doing historical reenacting of any kind, and I dragged my brothers with me. Now, after five months and at the end of the season, Caleb finally has basic garments: Shirt, waistcoat, and trousers. And he'll probably never do reenacting again. Sigh. Maybe Andrew will grow a foot really fast and fit them properly for next year at the Fort.
Here's the back panel.
 Here's the front. Obviously these pants are constructed very differently from modern pants, with different seam lines and and drop-front(called a small-fall, in this case) fastened with buttons.
This is an inside view of the front panel. The facings for the fall-front came out a bit too short.
Here's the end result- isn't he good looking? This was the first pair of pants I've ever made. Notice the .50 inaccurate buttons.


Duff said...

My goodness, those white clothes would get dirty SO QUICKLY

The Marchioness said...

Dirt on those pants is not allowed. Apparently the Army went with white because it was cheaper to buy cloth that wasn't dyed.