Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Holidays make me Lazy

Holiday fever: when you want to sleep in until the shockingly late hour of 9am and eat nothing but sweets for every meal; when you don't feel like doing anything but be a couch potato and read novels.

I didn't actually spend my Christmas doing that, because we had events on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and Sunday too, to I really spent my time making dozens of cookies and lots of soup and gathering all the mish-mosh of STUFF we just have to take everywhere we go. We went caroling twice, and that was fun, though embarrassing(we're novices at singing in parts). I played my year's allotment of board games out of kindness to my hosts, now NO MORE! I can't handle any more. We had so many cookies and sweet gifts around I feel like I've been living in candyland. I feel fat, too.

It was nice spending time with Church family. For most of our lives Christmas has been us alone at home, which is ok, but when you have the opportunity to be snowed in together every week for the rest of the winter somehow it's just not as much fun. This weekend we have round two: New Year's celebrations all weekend long. I am strongly against sleep deprivation for the purpose of seeing the clock in a certain position, so hopefully we will not collectively be required to do that.

Thankful for:
Only one inch of snow and no more so far!
Church family, even if they make you play board games.
No tragedies(except a cold going around that I haven't gotten yet).

Merry Christmas!

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