Thursday, February 24, 2011

Days Past

Tuesday 22nd

There's been some difficulty with the Church's car insurance. Apparently the insurance company is absolutely convinced that Americans are only qualified to drive automatics, and never stick-shifts. So while we were supposed to get the car today, we still have the rental vehicle and I'm not sure when we'll get the car.

In the afternoon we drove twenty miles or so to a Broch, which is a ancient structure(or rather ruins of an ancient structure) that acted as fortification against the Vikings.

This particular broch had part of the circular wall remaining, high up on a hill overlooking an inlet in the sea. The weather was beautiful and we had fun imagining times past.

Yours truly in the Broch doorway. It was just my size.

Wednesday 23rd

Rain is in the forecast. A quiet day at home. We walked up “Helmsdale Rock”(i.e. Hill). It was a vigourous walk up a slippery slope and then down again on the other side. At the top there was a good view and a flagless flagpole.

Helmsdale from above.

The suburbs of Helmsdale.

Nearing sunset.

Thursday 24th

Still no car. The tide was out at 9:45 this morning, so I walked to the beach and viewed the waters. The shells here are very small due to being smashed against the rocks. The rocks themselves are very pretty and varied in color and pattern. I wasn't kidding when I said all my family members were getting rocks for souvenirs(Hey, I have a big family and not much money!).

In the afternoon we drove to Brora to see the town and try to get internet. There is no internet in Brora. I am frustrated with the internet situation. Trying not to be. We did stop in the Brora library, which is much nicer than the Helmsdale library of which we are members. We were able to check out some books(“Cranford,” “Scottish Kirkyards,” “The Elements of Drawing,” “I never knew that about Scotland.”) and get some info on local events. This Saturday there is a local ceilidh dance with a live band. We are tentatively planning on attending. SO EXCITED.

Tomorrow we are going to Inverness to see Culloden, the art museum, and hopefully a cemetery(joy!).

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Motherpearl said...

I'm delighted to see 2 new posts - thank you. Did you spell the name of that dance correctly? "ceilidh" What is it?