Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Disclaimer: I am not absolutely saying I will finish reading these books while I'm away. I'm just taking them, that's all.

Well, I'm leaving today. For Scotland. My suitcase is full to the brim, mostly full of clothing. It's around thirty pounds, well under the fifty pound limit, but still plenty heavy for me to carry. I also had several last-minute purchases to squeeze in, such as a pink travel umbrella, an electric outlet adapter, and a bar of chocolate(70% cocoa!). 

Friends have been asking me, "So, what are you going to do in Scotland?" And I feel kind of bad that I'm not going to do anything. Do meaning, of course, something of a higher purpose like missionary work or a job or a training conference, etc. But I remind myself that this is perhaps my one chance to experience this different culture and see the sights, and how many people can just live in Scotland with few responsibilities(for example, children) for six weeks on $2000(dowries are wonderful things, ha ha!)? So, everyone, just know I am not going for any higher exalted purpose other than experiencing a different lifestyle, and if I can do that Coram Deo, that will be enough.


The Patriot said...

Dowry... oh dear. I had to laugh at that. :)

Anonymous said...

Just so you know somebody does read you and your sister's blog...here is your notification (per her instructions) that your blog updates are greatly appreciated. :)

Jules said...

Have a fantastic time Emily!!
your "exalted purpose" made me laugh... and hey, enjoy that chocolate. Be sure to look at pictures on facebook over the first two weeks in March! ;-)

Anonymous said...

WAITING by Carl Sandburg
TODAY I will let the old boat stand
Where the sweep of the harbor tide comes in
To the pulse of a far, deep-steady sway.
And I will rest and dream and sit on the deck
Watching the world go by
And take my pay for many hard days gone I remember.

I will choose what clouds I like
In the great white fleets that wander the blue
As I lie on my back or loaf at the rail.
And I will listen as the veering winds kiss me and fold me
And put on my brow the touch of the world's great will.

(Have a wonderful respite. God be with you, Marchioness.)

Motherpearl said...

You go, girl. Life experiences can be SOOO educational!

Ed said...

Have you arrived? What insight can you share with us concerning ...
Where did you go?