Thursday, March 3, 2011

By yon Bonnie Banks, and by yon Bonnie Braes

We went walking on a riverside trail in Golspie yesterday, for a change of pace. It was a well-kept path with several bridges that worked their way up to the falls.

We went under the railway bridge...

Past this really old neat tree....

Everything was very wet. There was moss all over. Even though there aren't leaves on the trees yet, there's so much green!

There were also a great many ferns.

The W ladies and I at the falls end of the walk. The whole walk was only 1 1/2 miles. I'm learning it's best to work up to long walks: the rambling-over-the-hills episode had some painful ramifications.

The Falls. Yes, they're sideways. You'll just have to deal with it. Not very large falls, but Scottish falls nonetheless. And the whole walk was very pretty.

So two days ago we finally got the Church owned car and handed in the rental vehicle. Our new mode of transport is compact and cozy in traditional UK style, and it's green to boot. Mr. W titled it the "Green Haggis." The above is a glimpse of us ladies in our new space. If it could be called space.

And then we had fish and chips for dinner. Only I had scampi and chips. Very tasty. Miss E.W. would have fish and chips every night if she could, but her mother has limited it to only once a week.

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Nathania said...

The water fall was very pretty. I love water falls. :) I just can't believe how green everything is! I'm guessing it's because they get a lot of rain there?