Saturday, March 12, 2011

Clothing, Glorious Clothing

The Inverness Museum has two 18th century gowns on display, so I immediately started to discreetly take pictures. Miss W, very conscientious, admonished me. Museums are so snippety about allowing photography: if it's the flash that damages the materials, they really just ought to say no flash photography, which I never do in museums anyway.

This lovely embroidered saque-back gown above is from Inverness museum.

Seeing first-hand the type of clothing I've been trying to sew is really cool and such a help.

Also at the Inverness Museum was this tartan wedding dress from the late 18th century.

 A descendant of the original owner actually wore the dress a few years ago for her own wedding.

Eileen Donan also had two late 18th century gowns on display, but of course, no photography.

Moving on, at the Highlander museum in Stirling castle there were three military jackets and a drummer boy's coat from the mid 19th century. I took pictures until I was caught.

Just gorgeous! You can see replicas of this jacket in the Sharpe TV saga(As much as I adore the historical uniforms in the Sharpe chronicles, some of the content is decidedly mature)

Someday my brothers will have such jackets.

Only perhaps not with such nice buttons....

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Nathania said...

The gowns are so pretty and the jackets were very neat! I love all the buttons. :) I'm glad you were able to sneak a few pictures in before you got caught!