Saturday, March 19, 2011

York, Day One

The W family and I made a foray into Viking country, and lived to tell the tale. We caught the 7:55 train(this time) for York and arrived around 2:15pm. It just amazes me how long it takes to get anywhere in such a small country, though first class seating makes it infinitely more bearable. 
Our first stop was the Jorvik museum. Jorvik was very interesting and gets five stars for being a great family museum. Besides viewing the many artifacts, visitors go on a(very slow) ride past moving wax figures with audio explanations. There were also a few costumed museum staff who I of course asked about the construction and authenticity of their clothing.

A wax figure at Jorvik

We had dinner at Betty's, which is apparently the place for refined dining(thus no pictures). I had salmon. I've really enjoyed the fresh seafood here; it's something we don't get much of in Nebraska. 

Of course all the shops close after 5pm so we went back to our B&B(I was horrified to learn they allow dogs) which was a large Victorian-era house. Our rooms were likely the servants quarters way back when. I had my own room, and even more amazing, my own bathroom- the height of luxury and privacy. The towel unto itself was a luxury. Back home we use Japanese towels, which are infinitely smaller but more practical than normal towels. The hotel towel was the size of a toga, and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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