Wednesday, May 25, 2011

My New Home

So here I am, house-sitting the cleanest house ever. Alone while Jen teaches class.

Back when blogging was new there was a family who cautioned us that blogging was dangerous because people could stalk us online. They would have a cow over this post. Well, it's been six years since I started blogging, and I'm still alive. And just to warn you all, I'm sleeping with my knife tonight.


Emil Bandy said...

If you did have a stalker... I guess you could borrow my AR-15... might work a little better than your knife. ;-)

BTW, are ya'll by any chance going to the Renewing the Family Camp that's in NE this August?

The Marchioness said...

We are going to the family camp, though I sure wish we knew the schedule. We may have to come back Thursday evening to host a dance on Friday- hey, you should come!

Emil Bandy said...

Woohoo!! Yeah... we're going... and I actually know the schedule!! :D

It's supposed to start on Monday @ about 4-5 pm, then it ends on Friday at noon.

Though I don't know who's supposed to be speaking though.... and we'll have to see about the dancing.. maybe we can get one going at the camp too.. ;-) I'll put everything I've got behind that one... :-)