Monday, June 6, 2011

Think Cool Thoughts

Growing up the way we did Jen and I didn't experience modern conveniences like dishwashers, automatic sprinklers, dryers, thermostats, dumpsters, and ice machines. Really, we have none of those things at our house. We're probably the only family left who still uses plastic ice trays in 1970's colors to make ice.

So we're staying in someone else's house, right? They have all these things and we have to take care of them. It's been interesting. The most serious happening so far is the fact that the air conditioner is not working. It took us a week to figure it out, first because it wasn't hot when we got here and second because we don't know much about how air conditioners work. But when it got up to 85F inside we knew surely something wasn't right. So we duly consulted the owners and called a repairman, who will hopefully be stopping by today, because it's awfully hot for June; 97F today. Toughness just goes out the window when it's 91F inside with 60% humidity. We take breaks from panting in the basement to empty the dehumidifier.

Imagine what it was like in 1778, when people had no such way to escape discomfort like we do. On June 27th, 1778 George Washington's motley contenental Army engaged Cornwallis' trained soldiers in what is known as the Battle of Monmouth, where Mary Hays gained fame as "Molly Pitcher." And it was very warm: many men died of heatstroke instead of battle wounds. We don't like to work in such heat, but they had to fight a battle in it.

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