Monday, December 5, 2011

Event of the Year

Yes, I've been.... missing. My excuse is I've been organizing this big event that happened just last Friday. So now it's over and I feel so relieved. I've been working on this event off and on since I paid for the facility in July, mostly sewing costumes. I'm surprised now to realize how much pressure had built up. I feel better now. I'm sure that next year, if I decide to do this again, it will be much easier.

Caleb playing at the Ball in his 1820's military jacket.
The epaulets and collar are still untrimmed because I haven't gotten the white wool and extra button from my supplier, but I think Caleb looks great. Military coatees are the best.

Besides being the dance event of the year, it was also my birthday. I didn't plan it that way on purpose; that was the only weekend the facility was available, and what better way to spend a birthday than dancing? I told Jen that I didn't want anyone to sing Happy Birthday, but they did anyway, and gave some very kind gifts.

If you live in Omaha you might know where this is; I have to say having the Ball in a real ballroom was totally worth the extra cost. I can not say enough about excellent facility and staff. I'm very thankful it worked out to have our last dance in 2011 here.

More details will be posted on the dance website, for those of you who know it. Now that the costumes are made and the public is satisfied, I'm really looking forward to enjoying the last few dance events of the year. Jen and I are calling for a private Christmas party and we have two performances, and then I get to start planning a whole other round of workshops, performances, and public dances!


Anna Naomi said...

Great job with costumes! Caleb's coat looks great. And, good to hear you found a ballroom - when I was there, I remember you were looking for ballrooms, so glad that you found one. Sounds like quite an event, so I'm glad it went well!

Matt V said...

You have great talent. Do you sell any of your sewing projects. For the most part I reenact early 19'th century far western fur trappers.
If you care to you can look at my blog I have some pics of some of my reenacting on there.

Best Regards,
Matthew Vawser

The Marchioness said...

Thanks Anna! We actually met the event coordinator of the ballroom at a dance, and she gave us a really good price.

Matt, I do sew for profit when I get the chance. I'm still fairly new to the reenacting scene, so I haven't had many jobs yet.