Monday, April 2, 2012

Week Past and Week Ahead

This past week I once again had the three young F's in my care. The most remarkable events of the week were that S threw up, C cried, and J spilled Easter purple egg dye. Even as adorable as the F boys are(think "epic"), it's nice not to be woken up at 6:30 in the morning! I guess I'm spoiled.

Because a guy picture is becoming tradition: Making chocolate chip cookies.

This coming week I'm planning to make a pale-blue linen regency dress for a young lady, Miss A. I've also sold the first Regency dress  that I made for myself, which doesn't fit so well anymore. With the small bit I'll get for making the dress for Miss A. I bought three yards of a sort of turquoise-blue to make a new, well-fitting gown for reenacting at Ft. A, thus keeping to my self-imposed goal of only ever having two regency gowns for myself(as opposed to colonial, which is limited by finances instead of discipline).

The blue and the turquoise-blue

I'm planning on trimming my dress with leftover chocolate-brown linen. It will have three-quarters sleeves(the normal poufy short sleeves drive me nuts in the summer, because the bugs can totally eat your entire arm), a gathered adjustable neckline, back closure with matching fabric-covered buttons, and a waistband to help the dress sit well. The Regency style really doesn't agree with me, and if it weren't for Ft. A I probably wouldn't wear it at all. I did watch Persuasion(1995) the other day and that got me excited about making a well-fitting, comfortable dress.

I'm also working on another set of stays, just because I had the material. I'm pleased that it's getting easier to make basic stays. I know it will improve the look and posture of the ladies in my dance group when we perform. Now four out of eight will be wearing stays, a definite improvement from last year!

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