Tuesday, October 16, 2012

A Walk on the Wild Side

Monday afternoon we all took a walk around Vyborg with the Pastor F's wife and three daughters. Even in this nice large apartment the children have difficulty finding non-destructive ways to burn energy. And they do have so much energy.

Straightjackets- I mean, strollers- are wonderful things. And so are little boys.

This car is an advertisement of sorts sitting outside a home decor shop that's on our corner. I like Vyborg. It feels much more manageable than St.P and more like the towns I visited in Scotland. It's right near the coast, and it's much smaller than St.P. I just like it better. I'm a little concerned that once we get back to St.P, especially for the ten days or so that Nanny 2 and I will be alone with the kids, that it will be hard to get out and about beyond going to the park. Imagine house fever with eight kids.

We walked down to the bay where there was a small playset.

 On the other side of the bay there were two viking boats that had been used for a movie and are now just out for show. Apparently people used to be able to climb in them, but so much trash was left behind that they're closed off now.

Spinning children.

The path along the bay led to the castle. We're planning on going on a tour of the castle during our time here. The D's have a pretty busy speaking schedule, so I'm hoping it works out to go, and if not I'll try to go myself. I know sometimes plans don't always become reality for busy people!

From the castle bridge we turned left to walk through the old part of town. At this point it was about 5pm and it was getting dark and harder to take pictures with my (old) camera. I've not seen any real sort of sunset(and certainly not any sunrise) yet; it just sort of gets lighter and darker in a  hazy way. It's also foggy here, being close to the coast. Mrs. D will wake us up at 10am and I really can't tell from the light that's it's any later than 7:30 or 8am.

The old buildings, which are now apartments, reminded me of old Dutch architecture, which I guess makes sense considering that Peer the Great did spend time studying in the Netherlands.

After walking down the old cobblestone streets(seriously hard to walk on after modern concrete!) we stopped at a little cafe for a pastry and tea. Then we rushed home. The D's are having members of the church come to the apartment every day to talk with them and encourage them. Last night the party included four adults and two very hyper children who stayed for a very edifying but noisy four hours. Tonight our party is much more orderly, and I am thankful. I guess I must be out of practice; I realized the other night that it's been a while since I babysat for eight.

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