Tuesday, October 30, 2012

A Weekday

Before I left most of the comments I got about my trip related to the weather. Since most of you are probably too lazy to look it up for yourselves, I thought it might be nice to highlight the weather here. Today we had a high of 32F. By itself 32 is not bad at all, but it was breezy besides, and that did make it rather numbing. But I don't believe it will get really arctic until after we're gone.

The ladies of the apartment went out walking today. We took the bus downtown and visited a bookstore and the outdoor market. The outdoor market is a tourist destination that sells fifty million nesting dolls, ten kinds of amber jewelry, and a few other things. Dog Evil visited my bed while we were out walking. My dislike of him deepens.

The D parents are leaving for Vladivostok in a week, so we all sort of have a week to rest after the busy schedule of Vyborg before it picks back up again. Nanny 2 and I will definitely be busier while the D parents are away speaking, since we'll be doing school as well as all the overseeing that parents normally do.


wtg00dw said...

Miss Em, I see the Mr. Collins effect in full play as regards Dog Evil. The more you push him away, the more he wants to be your friend. His sleeping on your bed is a sign of doggy affection. I recommend letting him into your heart. Dogs in the house are a wonderful thing!

The Marchioness said...

Oh, sleeping isn't what he was doing on my bed. He left a little gift and I had to wash my sheets.