Saturday, October 27, 2012

Back in Санкт-Петербург

Friday was our last half-day in Vyborg. Pastor F and his family stayed talking with the D's until 2am. I went to bed early, but I might as well have stayed up because the D's and F's together make a rousing bunch! The Fs gave Nanny 2 and I each a box of chocolate covered prunes as a farewell gift.

We took the 3:45 slow train back to St.P. It would have been uneventful(If you can traveling with eight children, seven suitcases, and innumerable bags uneventful) except once we got on the train our party was harassed by a drunk man who passed by several times, tried to sit with us, and got rather angry. Thankfully we were able to get off the train(two parents, two nannies, eight kids, seven suitcases, plus bags) and get away without anything serious happening.

We arrived home very hungry at the P apartment and had a tasty chicken dinner with the Ps and Friend H. Friend H is the other young lady sharing the girl's bedroom. She arrived while we were in Vyborg and is staying here even longer than us, volunteering as an aide in the International school here. Friend H is twenty-two, almost engaged, from Iowa, and I'm already very glad of her company.

Church of the Spilled Blood. Mrs. P took the ladies on a long walk today so that the D's could have some family time. We took the bus and walked all over and this is one place we walked past.

Friend H outside a gift shop. Out of the five of us, Nanny 2 was the only to buy very much.

Tomorrow morning we'll head off to Church around 10:15 and get back after lunch sometime.
 I'm hoping for a restful and peaceful day.

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