Sunday, October 14, 2012

Current Lodgings

Saturday morning we re-packed luggage for our two week stay in Vyborg(six suitcases instead of seventeen, what relief). We're still not getting up until 9 or 10am, so by the time we were up, showered, fed, and re-packed it was time to go. We took the metro one stop over to the train station and rode two hours to the coastal town of Vyborg.

Miss N on the train.

The view from the train window was mostly of tall forests and small houses("house" being a generous term for these buildings).

Welcome to Vyborg- we arrived in the station, which was the end of the line, at 4pm. The station is only two or three blocks from the place where we'll be staying for the next two weeks, until we go back to St.P. Pastor F and his family met us and helped us back to the apartment.....

 ....which turned out to be absolutely gorgeous. One of the families in the church here moved out to allow us full use of their home for the entire time of our stay here. It's spacious and private and very comfortable. They've been very generous and we're very grateful.

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