Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Textiles and Costumes at OSV

There were several nice appliqued and pieced quilts at the Village. I prefer whitework, but you've got to admit the one above is pretty neat. Very nice small stitches.

Now, about the costumes I saw: most of the men I saw were wearing trousers, shirt, waistcoat and stock; most of them had hats and some of them had coats. The gift shop at OSV sells reproduction cotton prints(Marcus Fabrics; $11 a yard at OSV and apparently only available to particular sellers) and it looked like most of the women's gowns were made from that collection. However, it seemed to me that the women's gowns weren't well fitted. I couldn't see that they were wearing corsets; though I have to say they were all wearing caps and I saw at least one poke bonnet.

Here's another appliqued quilt that has a traditional underlying quilt pattern.

Here's the only period tailcoat and waistcoat I saw; the waistcoat was completely quilted.

This was a super tiny military tailcoat. Perhaps a young music man?
And that's the extent of period pieces I saw at OSV.


famayes said...

I know this isn't he era that you are interested in, but if you ever come to Texas, there is a museum near us that has over 300 women's and children's dresses from 1860-1900.I spent a lot of time in that room.

Cassidy said...

It's funny that you've gone in the post-season and found it a bit empty - I went in the pre-season, on a really warm day in February, and was disappointed to find it also a bit empty. Can only imagine what it must be like when it's fully staffed.

The Marchioness said...

Mrs. Mayes, really I love all kinds of clothes. Next time I go to TX I will totally put that place on my to-do list!

Cassidy, I guess I can understand low staffing if most of them are volunteers. Where I reenact we only do it one weekend a month and people still have a hard time making it. but I would have really enjoyed speaking to more reenactors at OSV.