Monday, October 1, 2012

The Cemetery

I don't recall the name of the church connected to this cemetery, but it had the kind of stones I like: old ones.

This is one of the earliest ones I saw, from 1718.

A lot of the older stones from before 1800 had very similar images. Like the winged soul stones I saw in Scotland, I'm guessing the point of this winged skull is to remind us of our own mortality, and the fact that death comes in God's time, not ours. Just like visas.
 Here's the other type of winged soul I saw today. I think the nose looks too funny to remind of mortality.

See Mom and Dad, I'm still alive!

Later on I stopped at a smaller civil war era cemetery on a hill.

It had a chapel.

And lots of towers.

And then I went home to dinner.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Emily, really good pictures! Tracie

wtg00dw said...

I'd forgotten how much I enyoyed your Scotland posts last year until just now when I began enjoying posts from your latest adventure. Keep them coming, Em! (Nice photography work, BTW)

The Marchioness said...

Thanks Tracie! I'm glad you remembered to check my blog.

And as always, Mr. G, you're too kind.