Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Dearly Departed Ds

This morning the D parents and two of the D offspring left for a week long speaking tour on the other side of the country. To illustrate how far it is from one side of Russia to the other: it's seven time zones from NY to St. P; it's also seven times zones from St.P to Vladivostok. So now Nanny 2 and I are now officially in charge of laundry, cooking, clean up, and oh yes, the children, with the much appreciated sometime help of Miss P, Mrs. P, and Friend H.

On the way to church last Sunday: Me, Friend H, and Miss T.

We two Nannies, one an enthusiastic, outgoing seventeen year old from California and the other a fairly quiet twenty-four year old spinster from Nebraska, must achieve a balance of authority over six lively children between the ages of almost thirteen and one.

Pray for us.

It's voting day back home. I've been so disconnected from the political area this past year it feels a little unreal. Even though I did change my voting location after we moved, I didn't have time before my trip to find out about early voting or voting overseas, so I ended up not voting. After being so involved in the election cycles the last six years it's rather nice to take a break.

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wtg00dw said...

Spinster? I think not. Give it some (more) time. Reformed men are notoriously slow on the uptake, Em. Although you don't yet know who he is or what he's waiting for, he'll be worth it.