Monday, November 19, 2012

One Saturday Remaining

This past Saturday Mrs. P suggested we visit the St.P museum of Ethnography, and we needed to get out, so we suited up and headed out. I was driving the two-seater stroller on the way there(which is rare), and I ended up running over everyone's toes on the trolly bus trying to gain a steady position. I felt really bad about that.

 The museum was full of ethnic costumes made of furs, linen and wool and decorated in embroidery, trims, beadwork, and lace.

I've been wondering if I'll notice anything in particular when I get home. One pleasant change will be the absence of ever-present smell of cigarette smoke wafting through the window, and the sound of continual traffic, which I've actually grown used to enough to sleep through it. The car horns are bad, though. When drivers get mad they lay on the horn, and it's pretty loud. Friend H and I have a running joke about throwing the bunny and cage out the window onto the offenders below. Once home, gone will be the weird youtube ads in Russian, and gone will be the dog who eats any food available plus the garbage and then deposits the results around the house.

 Clothes from the chilly part of the world. I sewed with fur once, and it went badly.

There was a hall of modern fashion based on traditional western Russian dress. They weren't anything I would wear, but they were interesting nonetheless.

Amazingly, in America, almost everyone will speak English and I'll be able to communicate without pointing, and people might actually smile once in a while. There will be way less walking and way less people everywhere, staring openly. And there might be a little more sunshine.

We're still working through the flu here; most of the kids have had a mild case. The Ps succumbed yesterday and had to miss church. One of the church men, a very(very, very) outgoing man named Deema, brought them communion later in the afternoon. The Nannies are holding out to be healthy.

Random facts, Sticky Fatboy is obsessed with cars. Mr. W thought that leopards had wings, and is allergic to ketchup. Miss K didn't believe that the world spins round. Girls whine more than boys.

 And thus ended our second to last weekend in the country of Russia.

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