Friday, December 14, 2012


I've been back for just over two weeks now, and still enjoying it.

I'm kind of looking for a job, though. I was surprised to hear from Mrs. B, who I worked for a bit before I left. I think the Bs have about four or five nannies and they just hash out a schedule week-to-week. I said I would be fine with just one day a week, because I haven't recovered from babysitting-lag yet. The three B boys are decent kids, but again there's very little leverage over disobedience. I was very glad to find their dog is no longer present. He was very old and, I thought, very annoying. Of course I think that about all dogs, but him more than others.

Costume sneak-peak: I can't have a real photo shoot of this until it snows! Inspiration: I've been watching some of this and enjoying a few of the costumes.

We keep our house reasonably cool, since we like to suffer and save money in the process. Our average temp is 65, and we've been turning off the heat at night. It's hard to work with frozen extremities, so I put together some fingerless mitts to keep my hands warm. I used some leftover crimson red wool(gorgeous! above) and lined them with brown silk. Silk is so expensive, I only buy it at Goodwill. Last week I found a weird sort of hindu-indian looking shirt in brown silk, on sale for a dollar. It was a European size 38 which is about an American size 8, and rather too big for anything but a very odd nightgown. So I cut off a tail to trim my mitts.

I'm also working on a complete gentleman's outfit by request. It will be white shirt and trousers, red linen waistcoat, and wool tailcoat. This is one of those wonderful jobs I'm actually getting paid for. If you'd like to be one of those wonderful people who order my costumes, these white linen/cotton costume shirts are only $40 each(plus shipping). The inside seams are done by machine, but all visible stitching is done by hand.

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Han said...

"He was very old and, I thought, very annoying. Of course I think that about all dogs, but him more than others."

Even more than Luther?? Wow!