Monday, October 21, 2013

Sunday's Meanderings

Sunday I visited Rose Hill Presbyterian Church in Columbia.

Rose Hill PCA

The weather on Sunday was just the definition of perfect. Sunny but cool enough to wear a sweater. Sunday school was at 9:30 and church at 10:30. Most of the congregants were (ahem)elderly, and the building smelled decidedly musty. But everyone was very kind and welcoming. After church I skipped out and headed a few miles away back to Columbia Evangelical, where the church was hosting a missionary luncheon.  I sat across from a missionary couple who had worked many years at a fistula clinic in Niger.

After lunch I went out in search of the ever-elusive family gifts. Every time I travel I have the hardest time finding gifts for all my family!

It was, as I mentioned a really beautiful day.

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