Friday, May 23, 2014

Wednesday: Jamestown Settlement and Yorktown Victory Center

Wednesday morning we had an obligation. To get half-off Colonial Williamsburg tickets we grudgingly agreed to attend a breakfast and following "one hour" sales talk put on by our friends the Timeshare Resort. The breakfast we ok, but the talk was more like two hours. The boys got put in daycare, which was hilarious, and weren't allowed to leave without an adult, which was also hilarious. But we did finally escape, without spending any more money and with our half-price tickets.

 Then we were on our way to Jamestown and Yorktown. We visited Jamestown Settlement, the re-creation of Jamestown complete with interpreters(but minus Cannibalism). The actual site of Jamestown is an archeological dig.

It was hot out. There were probably about four interpreters in the Fort area and one on each ship; then several more in the Indian village. It was a pretty quiet day, and it was nice that there weren't too many people about.

Jeremy in armor.

It's always fun to see the elements of living in a different time.

There are three ships attached to the Jamestown Settlement. They're not large enough to make me want to ever live on one, but Jonathan wanted to climb to the top of the mast. They had cute little beds and cute little windows.

Trying to look like the face. This was part of the Indian village. We're not usually that "in" to Indians, if only because people today try to make them into a political statement, so we breezed through this area; plus, we were tired.


 After sweating at Jamestown we decided to go sweat at the Yorktown Victory Center, which is a museum with a small American military encampment(with a cannon) and 1780's farm. It's a nice stop and doesn't take too long(unless you're like Mom and want to read and watch display in the museum). And we enjoyed the farm a lot if only because it had cooled down a bit by then. They are also adding a huge building for more displays.


The farm had drying tobacco, a garden, chickens, and all the other farmy things that a farm has.

Which we all had to try out. After Yorktown we were all tired and thirsty, so we went to the Riverwalk to use some ice cream coupons, which may or may not have actually saved us money. It was pretty view, with a big bridge across the water and several ships in the dock.

And that concluded our long warm Wednesday.

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