Saturday, May 24, 2014

Williamsburg, Last Day

 Today was our last day at CW. The weather was perfect. My tourist buddy and I started out at the Gaol, where some of Blackbeard's crew were held while awaiting trial.

 Not a complicated building, but a grim one.

We stopped in at the Cabinet-makers', which had more than cabinets in it.

After the fife and drum parade, we toured the Wythe house. There is a beautiful garden out back, with a vine-covered walkway, trimmed hedges, and a vegetable garden on the side.

Vine covered walkway. I'm generally suspicious of all vines because of my history with poison ivy, but these seemed safe.

Remember what I said about wallpaper? This was one of the more mild versions.

There was a stable, a chicken pen, a dairy, and a pigeon house. We ended the day at the Folk Art museum, which had way more items of antique furniture and household metalware and paintings than our numbed brains and sore feet could handle. So we went home!

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