Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Code names are the only fun part of a new Job

How about another post about my super complicated work life?

Less than two weeks ago I still didn't have a job. I had been workless since the end of June and had filled out a dozen applications, and the world was ending. Now, today, I have two and a half jobs(the half job is the hoodie sewing: I've only gotten two orders this month) and more hours than I can handle, and the world is still ending.

 John Adams: Linen, cotton and wool all with a 25% employee discount.

I got interviewed at a fabric store, code name John Adams, on Monday and started work the next Monday. Training consisted of jumping in with both feet, and arms, and basically just doing it all from the get-go. I hate learning new computer systems! This week I was ringing someone up at the Register, forgot to add the decimal, and her order came up as $8000. I thought it was hilarious.

Pigtails: Unconventional, creative workplace with lots of hours available.

Job number two came when I responded to a seamstress wanted/10 hours a week ad at a costume rental place, code name Pigtails, and got hired, and they right away asked me to run the children's section as many hours as possible up to Halloween(code name Reformation Day). The owner said to me, you don't have any tattoos, you look safe, can you run the children's store for us? And I didn't think to say no. Pigtails is overwhelming because the whole big room that is the sewing/children's section hasn't been cleaned since last fall, and all those piles of random stuff need sorting. I am enjoying it, though, because I've been given a lot of freedom to be creative.

And all this is going to look good on my resume, too.

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