Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Getting Settled and a few Apartment Pictures

Our very own dining room table and chairs.

We've been moved in for a week and a half, and I feel like I've been being lazy, but I have gotten some things done wince we moved in: the stack of cards to answer, while still shockingly many, have gotten fewer.

One thing the kitchen doesn't lack is ample cupboard space.

All necessary boxes are unpacked and the rest are in the closet where they belong. The oven, having been discovered to be still coated in a chemical cleaning agent, was aired and can now be used without danger of asphyxiation.

The Living Room, where my hutch now resides.

I know how to get to the closest library, Aldi, and Joann's. We now are the proud owners of real silverware and Egyptian cotton sheets, among many other needed and generous gifts, including but not limited to:  nearly a dozen baking dishes, half a dozen cutting boards(all of which I love) an adorable lime green cheese slicer, an orchid(Many thanks, mother-in-law!), just enough towels, pillows, and plates. And we're really enjoying the battery-operated candles.

My books, and curtains and pictures waiting to be hung.

I've been trying to stuff John full of food three times a day, and am hopeful about the results. I'm also enjoying cooking for two, so far. We haven't even tried to meet any of our neighbors yet, and I feel slightly guilty about that. The several children living on the other side of our stairs do seem to have a completely unbounded source of energy, because the only thing they seem to do all day long is run back and forth through their townhouse.

World's smallest stove?

 So there you have it: an update(we are alive) and even a few pictures!

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