Monday, October 30, 2017

Grey Coat Done

The grey coat is done, shipped, and hopefully already on the back of it's owner.

Time they are a changing. Or at least my age is about to. I always said that if I was still single when I turned thirty I would spend all my savings to go back to Scotland over my birthday, so no one could celebrate me turning thirty. But as it happened, I'm not still single. So I guess I don't get to go to Scotland, but that leaves the question what does one do for a thirtieth birthday?

Quilted fields.

Scrap pinwheels

Clouds and such.


Finished quilt.

I've finished Baby M's quilt. It's passable; the linen piecing pulled and wrinkled a bit. Using linen for quilting doesn't work so well as stiffer fabrics like cotton, which is why pieced quilts are always cotton these days! But my goal was to use up some of my fabric scraps, and I have a lot of linen.

I'm coming to love diaper boxes. They're sturdy and they have handles, and we currently have a lot of them. I want to pack everything in my cupboards and closets in diaper boxes so that when we move, in about a year and a half, everything will already be packed. I'm not sure John really appreciates all the closet items migrating into diaper boxes; but I so enjoy having things organized!

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