Wednesday, November 29, 2006


The morning started off with a temp. of 14 degrees F and strong north winds. I had a caramel apple for breakfast, this being only the second caramel apple I've had in my lifetime. And for breakfast! Then Dad left for his business trip to that liberal country of Denmark. When Mom left for work, we kids decided to get out the Christmas decorations and put them up. Then we started getting calls from United Airlines about Dad's flight being canceled, and that's still not cleared up. Hopefully it won't get to stressful for Dad. After lunch I stepped on a piece of glass and cut my foot. The boys thought the blood was nauseating. Now Jeremy is down for his nap and I am working on painting bits of broken china plates that I use for decorations. What a strange day!

Update: It turns out Dad didn't go to Denmark at all. All of today's flights to Chicago were full, and Dad decided it wasn't worth it to go for such a short time. Well! I know God has a good reason for this, but now I won't get any birthday presents from Denmark!

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Jessica said...

Caramel apples sound good- I don't remember ever having one.
Cutting ones foot with glass is less pleasant. I've done that. I felt very stupid about it too, since I first broke the glass, and then...yeah.