Tuesday, November 21, 2006

An update on my life

It seems like I am going to spend my holiday week in public service:

1 I am babysitting twice this week for a very active family of four children, all under age six. Basically all they do is wrestle each other. I’ve never seen such active little girls before.

2 I am going to clean an already clean house for a rather old woman-she’s 90- who can’t hear.

3 I will probably have to clean house for guests, if we can get anyone to come over, and also dust off the guest room for Josh, with whom we are determined to spend quality time. We were going to attend the wedding of my cousin, but Mom said Josh needs TLC.

So that’s what our Thanksgiving looks like. I am also working on Operation SOUND’s Christmas boxes, our next GenJ meeting, and my job search. Life is busy!

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