Thursday, April 26, 2007

Ordinary life

This morning while I was doing up my hair, my youngest brother stayed with me in the bathroom making "owl noises" all the while. After that he followed me to the dining room and demonstrated how he shoots his plastic pistol.... people don't realize what it means when we say, "Yes, he is cute, but he talks constantly." What we mean is, he talks ALL THE TIME(24/7/365), and not in a whisper, in a YELL. I love my brothers, but it is nice to get away to the office for a whole day of quiet. What kind of mother would I make, I wonder?

So today the boys are supposed to clean house for our guests; I hope they remember to mop, because Caleb got honey on the floor and Andrew spilled bubbles yesterday.

Here's a video for you to watch from Wednesday. It is of Congressman Geoff Davis of Kentucky, and it is only one minute long.

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