Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Random bits of info

It was 91 degrees on Monday, and breezy. I did two loads of laundry and the first load dried in just an hour because of the hot weather and wind. Today it got up to around 70. Fluctuating weather!

I rubbed my hands raw yesterday trying to hack up a piece of cardboard for my younger brother- he is making a raised map of the USA using cardboard and salt-dough for our upcoming home school fair. We always seem to wait until the last minute to finish our displays.

From the ever talkative Jeremy, while discussing what to become when he grows up:
"Who's the person who brings us mail?
Oh yeah, the mailman."

And on the way home from a dinner after observing the sky:
"Look, the moon followed us home!"

Ahhh, so cute. I did remember to do his reading lesson with him today, and he wiggled all the while. For some reason, it wears me out to watch him use so much energy; maybe it's just wearing to have to exercise so much patience on my part! Today we read about the "the dog will eat his small car." It's definitely better then "See Jane run" right?

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