Thursday, May 3, 2007

It's a beautiful day

Every morning I wake up to the sound of birds outside my window- almost right next to my head. Sometimes, when the loud, ugly-sounding birds are in residence, this can be annoying. Some birds really sound like monkeys. But most mornings I hear birds chirp and sing- this considerably helps my mood when getting up in the morning. Sometimes at night I hear owls, raccoons, cat-fights, and other strange rustling noises. I am so thankful that we live where we can enjoy God's nature so easily.
While we are on the subject of birds, the other day on the way to work I nearly hit three vultures that were eating a dead animal on the road. We don't often see vultures. Then a little ways further a pheasant ran across the road. I am proud to say that the only creatures I have ever run over and killed are a squirrel, a cat, and a snake. No deers or skunks yet.

Last week we had Dad's students up for lunch, and this week we are having more guests as well. So in the course of two weeks I will have met people from Korea, Japan, Lithuania, Tajikistan, Columbia, and Afghanistan. Of course we can't serve pork, because the Tajikis and Afghans are Muslims. At one pot-luck we had a while ago, we cautioned everyone not to bring pork, just in case they didn't already know that Muslims don't eat pork. And guess what one lady brought- a nice, big, ham.
And then when we had students from Korea stay with us, a lot of innocent and apparently uninformed people would ask us, "So are they from North or South Korea?"
It was hard not to laugh at that.

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