Monday, June 25, 2007


We set the pool up last Saturday, and the boys have spent every minute possible out in it. Andrew has been wearing his swimming shorts all day, and he keeps asking if he can go out now. Chores and school get harder to do every day, with the swing and the pool both beckoning.
It's 91 today, and it will be in the 90's all week, so it is good weather for swimming.

We are painting the upstairs hallway. Whew! Caleb and I just did the coat of primer and it almost took us all day. Why do people build such high ceilings? We both got covered with paint, and so did the stairs and woodwork even though they were covered with sheets and newspaper, so we ended up spending the last forty-five minutes scrubbing white spots off the woodwork. It was exhausting and I wish we didn't have to do another coat.

Painting the stairway is just one of the projects on my to-do-before-I-leave list. Even though I have roughly a month and a half before I actually do leave, I feel like time is swiftly fleeting and I won't have time to do all that I need too. I am going to be starting a email list to use for updates on my ministry and learning experience in NC, so if you want to get email updates from me, just let me know. I figure if you don't already have my email address, I don't want to you to know more than I will be posting on my blog, so that shouldn't be a problem. I am planning on putting more personal information in these emails than I will be putting on this blog. Also, I am going to get a new email address soon(before I leave!) so I will be sure to send that out to you close friends as soon as I get it.

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