Friday, July 27, 2007

Another. Hog. Update.

Are you guys getting tired of these updates?
I sure am.

Anyway, I said I would try to post after the last meeting and I didn't. Sorry.
The board of Supervisors, after having a public hearing where we all said our thing, went into executive session so they could privately discuss the matter. This time at the public hearing the cattleman's association, the chamber of commerce, the zoning commission, the county lawyers, a spokesman for Harry Kenobe, and a privately hired lawyer all spoke on behalf of Mr. -------. Those are the big guns here in NE. They are richer than we'll ever be. They are worried that if the board votes against this one hog barn that it will set a precedent against agriculture here in NE. Which is really quite extreme, and not true.

The board voted to basically erase the last decision they made to deny the hog barn, and to table the discussion for two weeks so the lawyers could issue statements. At this point they are, to my understanding, just trying to avoid a lawsuit. The farmers from all over NE are supporting Mr. ------- , and they have money; they are really pressuring the board to approve the barn.

So, it seems like we are going to lose, but that isn't a done deal. Our options appear to be:
  • Sue
  • Move
  • or just put up with it.
Our four year old thinks we should take the house apart, put it and the pool in the truck, drive to Africa, and live there. None of the options before us are particularly desirable. I will not be here for the next meeting(s?) since I am leaving in about two weeks for Ft. Bragg. There is no way to know how long this will go on or what will happen next. I probably won't be posting much about it while gone since I won't have access to the information, but I'll let you know if anything big happens.


Elijah Lofgren said...

Thanks for the update. Sorry things aren't going well.

I hope things work out somehow.

Frazzledsister said...

Thanks for the kind words!