Sunday, July 1, 2007

Hog update

Here is a newspaper article about our last hog meeting:

”One of the most livestock-friendly counties in Nebraska rejected a proposed hog-confinement operation on Tuesday. After hearing complaints from neighbors about potential odor and health problems and damage to property values, the County Board voted 5-2 to reject a proposed 2,496 head wean-to-finish hog barn. Mr. -------, who lives (in a different county), said that he was surprised by the rejection of his hog operations after the first County Planning Board earlier had approved his plan on a 5-1 vote.
"I think they got a little bit scared," ------- said of the County Board. "It's a live stock operation, so it does smell some. But I don't think it would be as bad as what they think."
------- said that shortly after the negative vote, he reapplied for a county conditional use permit to build the hog barn, which would be the first one he owns.
While (our) County is not an officially designated "livestock friendly" county it has been in practice. It ranked No.1 in cattle on feed, 229,321 head, and No.4 in total hogs, 150358, according to the state's most recent agricultural census in 2002.”

The next meeting is two weeks from now, so we’re looking at getting a lawyer and some more support, because we know he will be a whole lot stronger in his denial of our concerns this time around. I guess I am very easily discouraged about this whole issue right now, because a) our county leadership doesn’t seem to care about the issues we brought up last time, b) we live in such an agricultural state that some of our friends and most of our leadership support big hog operations, in all their filth, and especially when it’s your friends opposing, it’s discouraging, and c) I’m missing Jen an whole lot more this week. The longest we’ve been apart before is a week, and it’s been two. I’m starting to feel very lonely. Today was especially bad. But our “We don’t want hogs for neighbors” group met tonight and everyone is still going strong on opposing this thing, so that is a plus. And besides that, God is in charge. Whew!


timb0723 said...

Yes, I can see how living near an operation like that could be an challenge.
However, if you think that might take some getting used to, you need to hear about the operation near us.
You see, our family lives just two houses up from a PUBLIC SCHOOL!
Hmm...There's the smells, the noises, and several hundred kids packed into a relatively small area for several hours a day!
Okay, it may not be exactly the same thing, but there are some interesting similarities!

Frazzledsister said...

That would be annoying. But I bet they don't all of the, ahem, refuse fall into an open pit underneath the school, allowing the oder and dust particles to be blown out into the air by huge fans, and then once a year pump everything out of this huge stinking pit and spread it all over your neighborhood?

Don't eat pork unless it's organically raised- really.