Saturday, August 11, 2007

Guests and hosts

As I mentioned, we had twenty-five people over for lunch yesterday. Twenty of those were students, three were American guides, and two were just guests. These students were from France, England, Germany, Denmark, Spain, and the Netherlands. We had lunch and dinner with them.

These students were arrogant, self-centered, demanding, spoiled, and not open to discussion.

Granted, not all of them were so rude; some of them were friendly and nicer than the others. And I know that all humans are selfish and sinful. We are not used to such a high concentration of obvious arrogance, I think. So after spending more than five hours with these students, we were all a bit frustrated. And Dad puts up with them every day! If these are the future leaders of Europe, we are in trouble.

Sorry to be so negative! That's the way it was. I really hope we were good witnesses.


One Salient Oversight said...

Did you end up having a disagreement about some aspect of US foreign policy?

Frazzledsister said...

Yes, that and other issues too. Those kids are so liberal, that on anything other than silly topics such as sunscreen I think we would have disagreed on. But that wasn't the problem- the problem was their arrogance, unwillingness to listen and even to let us speak. They just acted as though everyone ought to believe what they believe, and if you don't, you're stupid! Doesn't that sound infuriating to you?

Pansy said...

I'm sorry you always seem to have such frustrating experiences with the students... The girl we talked with was very nice. We talked homeschooling actually and she was very open and interested to learn about the idea.

Frazzledsister said...

The girl you talked too, I forget her name, was the only religious person in the group besides the Muslims- she is Catholic, and she was very friendly. But she was about the only serious student in the group, I think. Dad can't wait to be rid of them! I think they leave tomorrow!