Friday, August 10, 2007

Students visit

We had twenty-six people over for lunch today. I know you are all passionately interested in domestic things, so here's the menu of our meal which we spent several hours slaving over:
  • 6 pounds of Spaghetti noodles
  • I'm guessing somewhere around two gallons of spaghetti sauce(That's just a rough guess), divided into two crock-pots, one pot being meatless and the other with hamburger.
  • eleven loaves of garlic bread, no we did not make the bread, we just bought frozen garlic bread.
  • Four packages of store-bought cookies, eighteen homemade cupcakes, and one cake that didn't bake in the middle and I don't know why so we didn't eat it. I feel ashamed that with all my years experience in baking that this cake didn't turn out, but we all need to be humbled now and then, right?
  • Several ice cream buckets of lettuce salad and two jars of home-made ranch dressing
  • A gallon of lemonade and a gallon of mint tea
Everything went well, the toilet didn't overflow, and we had some good discussions. Now we need to rest up and get ready for the potluck tonight!

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Anna and Miriam said...

That's a lot of food! It reminds me of the times we've had home church with almost 40-50 people at our house, or family reunions with extended family.

I know all about humbling cooking experiences! They always seem to happen when you're making it for company... You're right, it keeps us humble! =)