Tuesday, November 20, 2007

My time away

Does anyone want to know what it was really like at Ft. Bragg?

I went to Ft. Bragg, NC to work as a nanny for a Army family with four young children. My job there only lasted two and a half months, from August until the end of October, when the father of the family returned home from Iraq. I didn't do the work for pay, but as a ministry. I got room and board and the experience of being a servant. Frankly, it was tough, and it was tough because the mother had totally different expectations as to what I would be like and what I would be doing, than I did. I was so lonely. On my last night there she told me details of how she had been dissatisfied with me, and in emails since she has told even more details. How depressing! She has such a totally bad opinion of me, and was so dissatisfied with my work, I think she felt like I did more harm than good in my time there.

So, it was hard- it was good in that it was a learning experience. It's still on-going, too. I never want to see her again! I never want to speak to her again! I never want to email her again! But I know that attitude is wrong, and I know I was at fault too, and I need to forgive her for how she has hurt me. That's where things stand right now.


One Salient Oversight said...

That's really horrible. If an employer has a problem with an employee they should talk to them about it openly, honestly and without rancour. Why does this woman choose to speak to you now - now that you're far away from her - about her problems with you?

Did you make mistakes? Of course you did! Everyone makes mistakes. No one should expect complete perfection from people.

And you're human too. Loneliness is a normal human condition. With her husband away serving his country, I would have thought she knew what loneliness was.

From what you've written so far, I don't think you have anything to be ashamed about.

Frazzledsister said...

Well, remember that you are only hearing my side of the story- I'm sure it looks very different from her side. I need to pray about my faults, and not just be negative about her. Does that sound corny? Anyway, it's true.

One Salient Oversight said...

I need to pray about my faults, and not just be negative about her. Does that sound corny?

Not at all. It sounds very Christian.

Pansy said...

I'm sorry it was such a tough time for you there.... It's really hard when you don't know what your employer thinks until after the fact. Seems especially sad since you did it as a volunteer thing. Maybe you affected someone in a positive way while you were there that you don't even know about though. I think we're often put in situations for reasons other than what we intend... Are you thinking of trying the nanny thing again? Maybe you'd enjoy something else more? *hug*

Frazzledsister said...

As far as doing a nanny job again, I can't see doing it anytime soon. I really won't be free until after the Elections next year, and I think I'd like to try a different type of ministry or situation; but of course I have no idea what the future will bring. There are so many options I could pursue! It's hard to know what to go after.