Thursday, January 31, 2008

Capital City

I am in Lincoln for the first time since early December. Mrs. Carr's house is sooooo dry, I feel as though I've been dried to a crisp. My eyes are dry, my skin, my lips, everything. I am doing computer work and dictation for Mrs. Carr so far, though she says she wants me to clean out her china closet. And I've been listening. Mrs. Carr enjoys talking, and she is very sure of her opinions. Guess who she is voting for? Ron Paul. I don't say much on that point, because if we were both so forceful, I wouldn't long be employed, and we sure wouldn't get along very well! She feeds me very well, though, so I really am not suffering. Last night we went to Panara Breads, and I had cheecy broccoli soup with a really good chicken sandwich- YUM! Coming from a family of nine, going out to eat means we go to MacDonald's and each get a dollar sandwich, so I am getting spoiled here.
Well, I will be going home tomorrow evening. Pray it won't snow!


One Salient Oversight said...

I'd like to hear your opinion of Ron Paul (I'm not one of his looney supporters)

Frazzledsister said...

I dislike his stance on Iraq; I suppose that is a main reason. He doesn't seem to be diplomatic or realistic in his goals. His strength on the Constitution is good.

In all of the candidates there are things I dislike, but I have to say I am not ready to vote for someone like Ron Paul over someone like Romney. I am not convinced that I should vote for an independent third party over the Repblican candidate, especially as I disagree with that third party on almost as many issues as I disagree with in the Republican candidate.