Thursday, November 6, 2008

District 39 is now a better place to live

Thanks to those who voted Beau McCoy into office.

The Campaign for Beau McCoy:
We left early Saturday morning- no one should have to get up as early as we did, but we had to get to Omaha by 7am. Saturday, our first day, we had about twenty volunteers going door-to-door doing lit drops and some sign waving at the big intersections during rush hour. That evening a few of us did phone calls and when we stopped making calls at 7pm(There was a football game starting then) we were all worn out. But the dollar theater is right next to the Republican office, and the temptation to see "Wall-e" was too much to resist, so we went to see that and didn't get to bed until late. Our hosts graciously took us to church on Sunday and we tried to rest up, but it's hard to do that when you're in someone else's house. Monday morning we were back at it again, with more sign waving and lit drops. We had about ten people on that day. Tuesday- the big day- was unreal. By this point Jen and I were wearing down from lack of sleep, lots of exercise, and the stress of organizing the volunteers. We had roughly twenty people that day, and we did even more sign waving and lots more phone calls. Not as many lit drops, though, because it almost wasn't worth it at that point. The weather was a campaigner's dream, perfect temperatures and sunny. Tuesday was the only day we had weather trouble. It was very windy, and that slowed us down a bit. We quit sign waving at 7pm and then headed over to the victory party. And this time it actually was a victory party, because sometime around 10pm the governor called and congratulated Beau McCoy, District 39's newest State Senator. Whew! I know we had a part in this victory, and I am so glad he won.

We went back to our host's house and tried to sleep, and eventually exhaustion took over and we did get some rest. Next morning we left to go home. Kind of anti-climatic. The rest of the day was spent re-adjusting to real life, thinking, wait, we won- and now it's over? Aghhh! And we were all still pretty worn out. Jen and I talked about the campaign and all the mistakes we made, and how we would like to do it better next time, but now we have to wait two whole years. We feel like we made a lot of mistakes. The fact that we are now looking forward to having a liberal Democrat in the President's office makes me feel like we need to do even more work, starting now, to get Christian men into office.

So there's how we spent our days leading up to the Election:
Doing action-packed and educational volunteer service.


Tobias Davis said...

Whoop Whoop! The small part that I did was pretty fun, and I look forward to next time! Glad to see at least one victory, praise the Lord!

Frazzledsister said...

We were so glad to have you! You probably drove the farthest out of all the volunteers.