Thursday, November 6, 2008

We learn from our mistakes. Hopefully.

A mistake we made was to allow an eleven year old to campaign with us. He was our youngest volunteer, and he would just not stop talking. I'm not in any way close to saintly when it comes to patience with younger children, and so when it was my turn to take him in my car, my already frazzled nerves gave way and I told him and everybody else in the car(though they couldn't hardly talk anyway) that we were going to have a moment of silence for everyone who had died in car accidents today, and that moment would end when I said it did. It worked for a little while.

The next day, he was in a different car. Mistake! I should have kept him with me. The driver of the car accidentally locked her keys in the car. While they were waiting for help to arrive, this boy without the driver's knowledge, tried to pick the lock of the trunk by sticking leaves and sticks in the lock. So when the driver did finally get the car keys, the car's trunk wouldn't open, and all their literature for distributing was in the trunk. It was one big mess. I feel really bad for the driver of the car, and I hope they can get their trunk fixed without much trouble.

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