Friday, May 8, 2009

Always Learning

The Capitol building.
South side, taken by the Governor's Mansion while walking on the way to the office.
(There's a really weird "modern art" Lincoln bicycle on the Mansion lawn, checkered black and white with checkered monkeys hanging on it. Modern art- bleh!)

Jen and I have been taking turns driving to Lincoln every week to Volunteer at the Capitol. The work is slightly mundane and not very useful(at least, sometimes I feel like I'm not being very useful), but it's been a great learning experience just being in the State Capitol. I'll only be going one more time and then session will be over, but I am grateful that I have been able to learn more about our Nebraska Legislature.

This past week was my week to go to Lincoln. On Wednesday I spent the day writing letters of response to those people who contacted the Senator's office; and when I got done with that I did an overview of LB 218, which was about county aid. I'm pretty sure LB 218 was voted through yesterday. You know, interesting things happen in the city. I hate parallel parking, so I always end up parking far away from the capitol in the easy parking places, usually in the same spot-across from the pink house with purple trim. I am really trying to remember this is the city, so lock the car- but I worry that it might get stolen anyway. I worry too much.

On Thursday I spent the day searching online for the phone numbers of people in the district who have unclaimed property. Thankfully there were other things going on so I had a few good breaks!

So there's a quick picture of what my week was like. How was yours?


Nathania said...

What is unclaimed property exactly? (I don't know much about stuff like that!)

The Marchioness said...

Unclaimed property is money, in this case- maybe it's always money. I don't know the details, I just looked for the people!

Nathania said...

That is interesting! Thanks for explaining it to me.