Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Hobby

In another attempt to make people see how enjoyable it can be to visit cemeteries, here is another bunch of pictures. I stopped at two different cemeteries on my way home from Lincoln last week, and now I'm out of cemeteries to visit on the route home. The first cemetery was the beautiful Swedish cemetery of Fridhem off of highway 77 near Ceresco. It was on a hill with a beautiful view; there were lilacs and flowering trees, cute benches, very well kept-up.

Ok, if you still don't get it, here are the reasons I enjoy visiting cemeteries:
  • They are peaceful. There's just peace and quit. I prize that! It's very relaxing. I am not an extrovert. So, I love the quiet.
  • They are beautiful- both the landscaping and the stones themselves are a form of artwork! I enjoy art.
  • They are historic. Nebraska's pioneers are buried in these places. I respect them, and it is good to look back and think of those people who came before us. I get excited over history.
Cemetery number two was Elim Lutheran-I think- near Hooper. Not as pretty as Fridhem, but it has some really old stones. The older the stone, the better. I just became a member of Find-a-Grave, which is similar to USGenWeb's Tombstone Transcription Project. Since I am also interested in genealogy, contributing to these projects makes sense to me, and I hope to do more tombstone transcription over the summer.

Well, I guess I've talked enough about cemeteries for one post. I just wanted to share with you my love of cemetery visiting. My family thinks it's kind of strange, and I'm guessing most people think the same.


Nathania said...

That's an interesting hobby! I never would of thought of doing it acuatlly. Probably never would of crossed my mind to go and visit cemeteries :-) I'm glad you enjoy it!

The Marchioness said...

Maybe you should try it!

Grace said...

I like visiting cemeteries too, especially if I have ancestors buried there. Just a few days ago I was reading a composition about visiting cemeteries, and the lessons we can learn from that.

The Marchioness said...

Grace, I'm glad you can see my point of view! Today especially, Memorial Day, would be a good day to visit cemeteries. What composition were you reading? I don't think I've ever read anything like what you mentioned.

Grace said...

It's called "A Walk in a Graveyard" by Lester Bauman. It was in one of my school books.