Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Ft. Robinson- Vacation Continued

Ft. Robinson is where Mom grew up. Grandpa started the Stagecoach rides there back in 1962. Our family hadn't been there for a long while, so it was like discovering it over again. The country is really beautiful out there.We saw the buffalo up close, and staying in the officer's quarters was wonderful. Jen is convinced she wants to marry an officer now. We all got a ride in (what used to be)Grandpa's stagecoach: it was incredibly bumpy, which was really fun for ten minutes. If you're prone to motion sickness you may not want to ride in a stagecoach; though since the windows are open at least you wouldn't have to pull over to empty your stomach.

Even the "Family Reunion" part well fairly well, considering that our family doesn't seem to understand us. I can picture this in thought bubbles above their heads: "Homeschooling? weird. Church people? Odd. Girls not going to college? That's just plain wrong! Poor ignorant children!" Education is everything to them.

And they don't want to know why we do what we do. And since we don't agree on religion, the environment, politics, history, or family life, that doesn't leave much to talk about. Mostly food and the weather. So it was good that we A: only had three days together, B: the entire family wasn't there, C: we had a large enough house to provide for personal space and D: we had activities to do. The whole reunion went very well.

Ten years from now, I'm just guessing our family reunions will look much different. Hopefully what with marriages and grandchildren, the Duff family as we know it will double; and then we'll really get to celebrate!

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