Monday, September 13, 2010


We are leaving for PHF Thursday morning. There is very little time left us. Two things are foremost in my mind: The dance on Friday night, which Jen and I are in charge of, and our guests coming Sunday night after PHF.

I'll probably have nightmares about forgetting all the dance music, or the sound system not working. Once that is over I'll rest easier.

I really care how the house looks. When guests come, I want the house clean and somewhat stylish and the food prepared. When guests stay overnight, the whole house must be cleaned. Our house may not be especially large, but it sure collects dust fast. And it's full of stuff(not my fault). Mom gave up decorating(and cleaning too, almost) a long time ago, so I have a lot of freedom to decorate the house as I like: But there still remains the fact that it's a hundred year old house, decorated when I was too young to care in cheap furnishings(we're Scottish) and 1990s floral(Mom again), and eight people live in it. It's enough to drive me mad.

I certainly hope that someday I have my own house to decorate as I wish. Until then, may God blind the eyes of our guests.

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