Thursday, September 9, 2010


Yes, our washing machine was fixed, thankfully. Despite the cost it was still cheaper to fix it rather than buy a new one or a used equivalent. We ladies are so thankful to have means to wash clothes again, and the pantry is super organized thanks to the temporary upheaval.

Mom is still recovering, well over a month since she first got sick. She's only able to speak in a whisper, and she's amazingly forgetful, but her energy is coming back.

Dad and Caleb have been working long and late on the upcoming Providential History Festival, which is the only conference of it's kind so of course we are very proud of it, but it's a lot of work. Dad's attitude towards his new job is totally different from his old one in that he stays late on his own initiative. There will be no rest for the weary until PHF is over.

Jen started teaching ballet classes again this week, so while she stresses over eleven classes in four locations and fifty students, I'm housebound as long as she has the car. I've been busy enough it hasn't mattered so far, except I had to drive the van in to the business today. What van, you ask? Oh, let me tell you about it.

We acquired Hank right before our family reunion in July, since our mini-van died at Presbytery and we had no way to transport our whole family in one vehicle. Some friends sold us their ancient(for a van) 15 passenger at the kind price of $650. We were desperate to get a van quick, they were desperate to get rid of it, or something like that. Hank is huge, old, ugly, the AC doesn't work, and in short, I hate it. Hopefully neither Dad nor the family that sold it to us will read this blogpost. It's not practical to drive due to gas costs and it's uncomfortable to ride in. And I had to drive it for the first time today. Life is an adventure, I'm telling you.

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