Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Dancing through Life

Jen and I had the privilege to instruct a group of young ladies from the Catholic Homeschool Association of Omaha Sunday afternoon in the art of English Country Dancing. The experience made us both decide that we're not doing dances on a Sunday again. Sunday is supposed to be a day of rest, and while dancing itself is not, in my opinion, stressful, teaching it is. Or can be; imagine this: twenty giggling girls, most of whom have never danced before. And then the CD player started skipping.

I know calling dances is good for me: it's helped me expanding my speaking skills, grow in confidence, and it always requires patience. But sometimes I need to vent. The dancers traditionally talk during the teaching and don't listen, so they traditionally mess up because they didn't hear how the dance is done, and I just want to shake them! And yet, they still say they enjoyed it at the end. How and why is a mystery to me!

End rant.

I made it to the weekend without getting sick, and even now I'm still not sick. Amazing.

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